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This summer I will be spending seven claw cracking, lip smacking weeks in the beautiful Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. I’ll be sharing my foodie adventure as I dive into the best seafood PEI has to offer from mussels, to lobster, from chowders, to oysters. I’ll eat it all and share my photos and opinion with you. As I try to eat my way around the red shores of this Maritime gem, please free follow the hashtag #eatPEI or follow me with the links below.

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Up first, the lobster roll. The east coasts of Canada and the United States pride themselves on having some of the best seafood in the world, and they have the recognition and awards to back it up. Having grown up in the Maritime Provinces, and having a solid handful of family members that have worked for years hauling lobster traps as commercial fishermen and fisherwomen, I happen to love these beautiful crustaceans and have a deep commitment to cracking into as many as I can when I’m home to help the industry.

Photo courtesy of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

PEI has some of the best lobster, lobster suppers, lobster chowder, and lobster rolls I’ve ever tasted. This summer my family and I plan to sink our teeth into as much lobster as possible.

img_1339Lobster Roll #1 (left) was from The Chip Shack perched next to Founders Hall on the Charlottetown Waterfront. $9CAD. We’ve eaten here in past visits to the Island, and we know they have great fries made from the best PEI potatoes. Our visit this time was on a freezing cold day (+12), so to be outside at a picnic table trying to eat hot food was probably a poor choice on our part, and may have affected my appreciation of the roll and the experience itself.  The kids and Mr. had fish & chips, which they find to be a bit disappointing, (gluten free…really? I think the Mr. would like extra gluten!) and obviously everything got cold very quickly due to the weather, since there is no indoor seating. The gravy on the poutine didn’t even melt the cheese curds (that’s a bad sign! Again…What were we thinking!) The lobster roll had a freshly toasted bun, and the lobster filling was more like a pulled pork sandwich texture, with very few large claw pieces and not a lot of flavor. Though this may sound like a downer of a visit and review, I would go back for the fries and the poutine gravy had lots of flavor, so I’d try that again. The portions are quite large, so you do get your money’s worth. Nice, friendly staff. A sunny day may provide a better review.


Lobster Roll #2 (above) was from Brakish, which is also tucked away on the Charlottetown Waterfront, PEI. $18CAD. This packed lobster roll is mixed with lemon and parsley and served with your choice of a green salad or fries. I opted for the salad, for a much-needed break from the fries that seem to come with everything on the Island from your Timmis coffee, to your shawarma (kidding, but seriously, this place has fries with everything!)  The bun was packed full with a nice shredded lobster salad. The location is perfect for patio relaxing, and a long lunch break. Great, chill atmosphere and lovely service.


Lobster Roll #3 (right) This one was a bit of a surprise. We went to a wedding in Montague yesterday, and while relaxing during the photo session, between the ceremony and the reception, we decided to grab some lunch. We asked a few Montague locals where to go and they consistently said to try Windows On The Water. The restaurant is perched on the main road, overlooking the Montague Harbour. The roll was very nice, consisting of a typical lobster salad on a toasted bun, and I added the award-winning chowder as a side for an extra dollar, so the total was $17CAD. The chowder was exceptional and outshone the lobster roll by leaps and bounds! I’d go back for a piping hot bowl of their think, full flavored chowder any day. It was a great surprise! Good, accommodating service. I’d be happy to return for another bowl.

Lobster Roll #4 – (right) Richard’s Fresh Seafood, Covehead, Prince Edward Island. Lobster Burger and fries $18CAD. The secret has been out on this place for years. It’s not surprising that the line ups at this Covehead wharf side establishment can be quite long (especially on weekends), as the food quality is top-notch. Order up you favorite seafood and sit upstairs to enjoy the picturesque view of the Covehead Wharf and the local kids jumping off for fun. A fantastic place to have lunch, or an evening meal if you are staying nearby. My lobster bun consisted of a grilled kaiser bun stacked full of huge pieces of claw and tail meat, with no added fillers,just lightly tossed in some browned butter, served with a pile of fresh, hot fries. Delicious!!

Lobster Roll #5 (above and below) Dave’s Lobster in Founders Hall, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I’m a repeat offender of visiting Dave’s. This 3-year-old company is growing and expanding off the Island as well as on, and there is a good reason why. Their simple yet delicious menu and fast approach to getting good food to you quickly impresses everyone who visits, then comes back for more. I had the “Some Fancy” $15CAD, which is PEI lobster warmed in a pan of butter, lemon, and garlic served on a traditional baked roll, buttered and grilled. The roll was then topped with fresh chives. Each roll comes with a choice of potato chips, as well. It was fantastic! This is a must-try roll. Eat in or take out, it’s not fancy, but it’s delicious.

Lobster Roll #6 (left) Lobster Barn Pub & Eatery, Victoria, Prince Edward Island. This big beautiful lobster roll was shared with my girl in picturesque village of Victoria by the Sea. Sit on the warf and enjoy the contrasting reds and greens of your natural surroundings while sipping a local beer or a glass of wine. Great salads and a nice big, juicy roll with a side of chowder (17$) or try one of their salads, including a lobster salad, of course! A great place for lunch, or a relaxing way to end your PEI beach day on the South Shore of the Island.

Continue to follow our feasting, and make plans to visit Prince Edward Island yourself soon. They will be happy to have you!

Photos of food from BrakishThe Chip Shack, Windows On The Water, and Richard’s are property of The Snapped Fork.



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