A Trip To The Islands

Polynesian cuisine, the Mai Tai, the Tiki Puka Puka, endless choices of Trader Vic’s tidbits, long straws, paddles, birds, and other drink sticks to entertain oneself, girls on mugs, hibiscus print dresses, live music…the beachy feel of Trader Vic’s is gimmicky yet fun. Trader Vic’s can be found worldwide, and is a beacon to those wanting to surf up to the bar, kick their worries away, and meet some new friends. This place has a history and once you push your way through the heavily polished mahogany doors, you slip into another world. You can easily feel welcome here. Trader Vic’s Doha offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can hit the happy hour and leaving riding a wave.

The unique brunch offers a selection of salads, appetizers, and mains. A bit on the salty and sticky sweet side, but wash it down with a few more beverages, and you’ll be balanced in no time. Trader Vic’s can be found at The Hilton, Doha. Thanks to Pinay Flying High for the invite, and to Trader Vic’s for the entertaining afternoon!

Friday Brunch is from 12:30-3:30.


Includes their full page drink menu.

4423 3333


Educator/learner, mother, foodie, photographer, thinker and dreamer. I strive to live well and nourish those I adore. In Doha, Qatar, but my heart belongs in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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